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Singer/songwriter/producer GRABBITZ will be releasing his formal debut album Things Change next Friday, May 19 (West Blood Records).

You may be familiar with him as the vocalist and lyricist on deadmau5’ single “Let Go” but he’s very much a studio maven in his own right.   (He’s also released several EPs on indie label Monstercat.)

Things Change is an alchemic and visceral reaction to the loss of the most important person in his life, a trip into the belly of the beast on his personal hero’s journey. On “Play This Game” you can hear his frustration in the grindy guitar riff and fat bassline that opens the track and his desperation to cling to love of any sort on the pulsating ballad “Don’t Let Me Go.” He finally loosens his grip on reality and surrenders to the certainty of a pop progression on “i think that i might be going crazy” – and those are just the first few songs of his twelve track album.

Grabbitz who is Nick Chiari is a bi-costal artist dividing his time between downtown Los Angeles and his native Buffalo, NY.  His music transcends genres incorporating punk rock, industrial and rap into his music.  It’s a good thing music is therapy for Nick because he’s responsible for every single aspect of his songs, from writing to production to performance. He’s probably the only artist to ever be compared to both Trent Reznor and Eminem in the same breath (by Billboard).

“Play This Game”
“Don’t Let Me Go”
“Follow Me”

Secret Live Performance:


Grabbitz is here performing live ahead of his album release

Posted by Billboard Dance on Thursday, May 11, 2017

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